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How To Win Kill Race Tournaments

As the name implies, Kill Race tournaments are won by killing. Kill Race tournaments drop the participants into standard public lobbies. Players must then “race” to achieve as many kills as possible in the set time frame. Placement is important, but the difference between winning and losing usually comes down to whichever team can secure the most eliminations. This is a stark contrast to the typical tournament format. There is no bracket and you aren’t competing directly against other participants.

With this mind, there are a few basic keys to succeeding in a Kill Race tournament.

Drop Hot and Stay Aggressive

In this type of format, teams will want to drop as hot as possible. Winning the match is secondary. Battling and securing eliminations is priority.

To make things easier, dying off the rip has no consequence. Just back out and search again! At Revival Games, we take each team’s best four matches over a three hour period. There is no penalty for bad games – only the best four matches matter. A couple of unlucky games here and there won’t hurt your team’s chances. Drop hot until it works out.

Once out of your initial landing spot, stay aggressive. Chase gunshots and capitalize with third-partying. As they say, scared money don’t make money.

Secure Wins/Placement Points

While killing is the priority, a team will never win a Kill Race tournament if they don’t also earn placement points. Once a good game has been established, it’s important to finish it with a win.

For example, say there are five squads left in the match. At this point, we recommend playing things slow. You’ve probably already spent at least ten minutes in the match. Losing here would ruin the whole game. The difference in placement points between fifth place and first is massive. It’s better to sacrifice a few potential kills and lock in the win.

Understand Rotations

Understanding where to rotate is crucial to winning Kill Race tournaments. How can you get kills if you don’t know where the enemy players are?

While flying in the Dropship, take note of where the enemy players are landing. This is where your team will want to rotate to after your initial drop. Loot up and fight off the enemies at whichever POI you landed at. Then immediately rotate to the area where you watched the most squads land.

This strategy will ensure that you’re always in pursuit of enemy players and fighting as much as possible.

Kill Race tournaments are significantly different from the traditional tournament. Use these keys to rise above the competition.

Interested in trying out a Kill Race tournament? Revival Games is hosting a $1,000 Apex Legends Kill Race tournament scheduled for early 2021. Best of all, the entry cost is FREE. More information can be found here.

Images via Respawn Entertainment

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