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Goofy gamer dude!!! That has been gaming since 4 years old (1995)  started with Nintendo / Sega  now i'm a PC building Sweat that loves to play competitively and get better at whatever I play  I've been streaming since 2009 MW2 GB's but I had no clue how to build a pc or set it up properly so I stopped until 2011 from there I streamed on Justin.Tv which is now twitch  on multiple channels my biggest channel was soulcrush_ where i reached 8.8k followers at the height of the DayZ Mod (Someone took soulcrush_ after the twitch name reset) then life happened I deleted the channel and from there I been tryna find my way now I go by eLiXrSabi  and on a quest to create the next big gaming community Team eLiXr


Some Gaming Accolades I have

2008 #1 GTA IV Gamebattles Team - New World Order

Multiple Top Gamebattles CoD Teams from 2009 - 2011

Top Engineer (USA) BF4 (PC)

Coolest Gamer you haven't added




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