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Apex Legends Addicts Facebook Group

The OFFICIAL Facebook group of Revival Games

A positive, all-inclusive Apex Legends community. Apex Legends Addicts is built for laughs, looking for groups, watching clips and more! A good place to escape the real world and immerse yourself in Apex Legends style amusement.

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Vander -FB

Streamer Partner

Hi, my name is Jae Van Hierden aka Vander. I’m from the West Coast of Canada and I am a live streamer and content creator on Facebook Gaming.

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Win Or Learn Gaming

Streamer Partner

Whether in games or in life, we never lose. We either WIN or LEARN. Join the Wolf Pack today!

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Sensei Streams

Streamer Partner

I started this journey a few months back after a couple years of losing my big brother John John Carbonetti in Feb 2018. He was a Master of Film, acting, preforming, and living life as he wanted to live. Freedom through imagination. A real-life content creator. I only hope I can give you half of what he had, and that will hopefully develop into something pretty epic. I love you brother; you are with me through this journey. See you space cowboy. The name Sensei Streams comes from my adventures in life as a karate practitioner. For the time being, until we quit our day job, the stream is 8:00PM PST Tuesday/Thursday/Friday and Sunday. occasionally other days. May the force be with you always. Sensei Streams

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Kelly Kale TV

Streamer Partner

My name is Kelly Kale TV and I am a casual trash streamer that loves to play video games and entertain!

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Black Goddess Gaming

Streamer Partner

Casually Competitive Gameplay & Great Conversation! Vibes Like No Other! We’re A Big Happy Famlee

Meet the Goddess at her gates.

Goya Gaming

Streamer Partner

Just a wild Bangalore trying to drop, shock, and ROCK! Tune in for some fun gameplay, some laughs, and positive vibes!
Active-Duty Air Force of 9+ years, wife, mom, and gamer. Philadelphia born and raised (Go Sixers)!

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