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$2,000 Apex Legends Source Series Team Ticket (EMEA)


**For a full set of rules please visit our google doc: [HERE]
Max Team Limit: 5 Players

NA Servers

Teams will be randomly seeded the initial week into groups and play 4 matches on the following Wednesday dates:
Feb. 7th @ 19:00p GMT+1
Feb. 14th @ 19:00p GMT+1
Feb. 21st @ 19:00p GMT+1
Mar. 3rd @ 19:00p GMT+1

After each week groups will then play a different group cumulating points over the 4 weeks. After the 4 weeks the Top 15 teams will advance to finals and Teams 16-35 will enter an LCQ 6 game format to round out the 20 teams competing in the finals

LCQ Date: Friday 3/3 Time: TBA
Finals Date: Saturday 3/4 Time: TBA

Prize Information
Prizing will be sent out within a week after the tournament ends using PayPal.**
1st Place – $1000
2nd Place – $600
3rd Place – $300
4th Place – $100



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