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Amateur Esports Tournaments

Revival Games | Bury The Competition

Revival Games and the United States Esports Alliance are bringing you $5,000 in tournament action this February! Click Sign-Up NOW below to get your squad ready for action!

Amateur Esports Tournaments

Revival Games launches into 2022 with a full calendar of Events! Ranging from our Monday Apex Kills Races, to Duos or Trios Private Lobby Events. Now alongside Apex Legends we are excited to bring you Halo Infinite tournaments! Check the Events tab for all of our upcoming tournaments! ​

At Revival Games, a beginner will never compete against a pro player. Using our signature skill-based division system, Revival Games pairs similarly skilled players against one another. Players of all skill levels have an equal shot at the top prize when they use Revival Games. 


Revival Games was built off one simple truth: gamers deserve more recognition. We aim to put our players on a path to stardom, whether as a pro player or streamer. 


Revival Games announces the winners of our tournaments across all of social media. We'll plug your Twitch and YouTube and broadcast your name to thousands. Check out our "Winner's Spotlight" page for more details! Win or lose, your best moments will be put on display for the world to see!

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